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ABOUT Wholly Devoted

Bible study, Wholly Devoted: An In-Depth Bible study of King Solomon leaning against a stone fireplace

Many impressive accolades are attributed to King Solomon. Exalted to a place of unparalleled peer, Solomon was a contributing author of Scripture, builder of the temple in Jerusalem, ruler during the Golden Age in Israel, and he’s also described as the wisest person to ever live. Wealth, honor, and fame were his, and no earthly desire was unattainable as he lived in luxury. A downward spiral took place in the mind, heart, and life of this king, and his heart took a devastating turn from devoted to distracted, and finally divided. From the pinnacle to the pit, Solomon’s steps are traced as points of application are plentiful to prevent a similar fall from occurring in the life of the reader. The goal of Wholly Devoted is to understand how Scripture characterizes a devoted follower of Jesus Christ. Be prepared to be challenged not only in your current definition of worship but also in your understanding of idolatry.

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