headshot of Jen Brooks with text next to her saying, Equipping others to anchor their identity in Christ.

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Jen Brooks is deeply convinced that God’s Word can transform your life whenever it’s opened, and it’s from that perspective she passionately presents the truths of Scripture.

Jen has an engaging and relatable style as she passionately communicates God’s Word to equip others to know what it says, understand what it means, and apply it in practical ways to daily life.


  • Identity in Christ
  • Victory in Spiritual Battle
  • How to Put God First
  • Contentment in Jesus
  • Overcoming Insecurity / Poor Self-Worth

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“I’ve had the privilege of attending Jennifer Brooks’s Bible studies and speaking engagements, and she concisely proclaims God’s truth in a way everyone can understand while ensuring all information is Biblically sound. You can’t escape her joy and it makes you want to open your Bible to find the joy she has.” – KTB, Ohio

“Jen Brooks truly has the heart of a servant. She has placed herself under God for His use and cares about serving others as well. She has a wonderful teaching ministry and makes the Word clear and applicable to your life.” – SF, Ohio

“I had an opportunity to go hear Jen speak at a church, and as soon as I heard about this opportunity I just had to go since I was blessed to be under one of her teachings of a Bible study she wrote. Jen is so knowledgeable and compassionate for others. She really wants to help Christians be equipped for the battles we all endure. She has such a beautiful way to express God’s Word. One aspect I appreciate is she truly uses her admirable gifts of speaking and teaching to honor the Lord and never takes any credit for it. She is so willing to help out in anyway she can and I appreciate that about her. I will forever be thankful that God put her in my path.” – BM, Ohio

Jen Brooks has been teaching God’s Word for over 23 years and has authored four in-depth, interactive Bible studies, including Wholly Devoted: An In-Depth Bible Study of King Solomon. Jen has a dynamic personal testimony as she has gone from being one of the most insecure individuals you’d ever meet to being anchored and assured in Christ. God has called her to teach His Word and equip others to anchor their identity in Christ. Jen has been married to her best friend, Joe, for 29 years and together they have three young adult sons.

“Our ultimate goal as we approach God’s Word is not the mere intellectual acquisition of knowledge; we come to be transformed by the living and active Word of God!” – Jen Brooks